GK Industies

Welcome to GK Industies. We would like to introduce our self as one of the best and leading manufacturer of all precast products.

  • Interlocking Paver Block (Hydraulic & Rubber moulded both, Polished & Non Polished)
  • Kerb Stone
  • Grass Paver (P.C.C, R.C.C, H.D.P.E)
  • Precast readymade Drain with Cover / Electric Trench with Cover
  • R.C.P.C. / S.F.R.C Manhole Frame with Cover
  • R.C.P.C. / S.F.R.C Grating Frame with Cover
  • Poly-elastomer Grating
  • Precast R.C.C designer Jali for lobby and staircase site
  • Designer Tiles
  • Mosaic Tiles
  • Roof Tiles
  • Precast Boundary Wall
  • Any type of precast job design given by you

Sir, above all product we are manufacturing by our sophisticated indigenous hydraulic press machines with high frequency vibrations thus ensuring a high compaction of the blocks to bring out an excellent texture, higher strength, low water absorption and high abrasion resistance.

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